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Become Somebody Worth Following

Dave Moore on his first plane crashDave's First Plane Crash

Key Ingredient in Any Situation

Positive Mental Attitude

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Become Somebody Worth Following


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Dave’s Keynote

Meet Dave – Keynote Speaker and Search & Rescue/Combat Pilot

Dave Moore is a Navy and Air Force decorated aviator and officer. He survived two plane crashes, flew through three hurricanes while performing search and rescue with the Coast Guard, and has logged 39 combat missions in the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  As a keynote speaker, Dave has an incredible ability to help his audience find their best from within, drawing inspiration internally. Dave’s presentations are life-transforming, energizing, and overflow with passion for developing successful people.

Be the Pitcher in Life, NOT THE CATCHER

Dave did a fantastic job! Not only did he provide enthusiasm and passion, but his story was fantastic. He tied so well into our meeting theme. Then he stayed for our event and interacted with our sales staff. We were very pleased with him and would love to have him back again.

Sara J.Marketing Coordinator, JADCO

Our group felt that Dave was real and genuine. Some speakers can come across as fake or superficial…not Dave.

Byron B.Progressive Executive

Dave Moore was an excellent and dynamic speaker, who was very well received by everyone in the room. His stories are captivating, and he delivers a very strong, positive message. He kept the room light and engaged. He has a great, magnetic personality, and people were truly inspired by his words and experiences. It was a pleasure working with Dave and his team to plan the event, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with the Moore Motivated team again!

Caitlin C. Conference Program Manager, League of California Cities

Dave was captivating from the moment he walked into to the event to the moment he left. His experiences and stories were profound. He was able to keep the audience intrigued and alert. He caters his message to your group. It was a pleasure working with him and his manager Kendal. His message of leadership is one anybody can benefit from hearing. His personality really lit up the room. Book Dave! You will not be disappointed.

Gabrielle K.Defuniak Springs, Florida Chamber of Commerce

Dave presented at ‘The Academy’ for our young leaders with the Department of Labor and Industry – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Thank you for coming out and sharing your message, ‘Become Somebody Worth Following.’  It was such a pleasure to work with the Moore Motivated team.  Dave’s passion for serving others is going to be a blessing to many.

Lori K.Business Services Rep., OVR

Dave was our construction company’s keynote speaker for an annual week of training with a team-building theme. He was able to convey practical information as to how to build effective teams by developing communication skills, displaying a positive mental attitude, setting an example, etc. His messages were conveyed through his own very interesting life-experiences using humor and story-telling.

Kathy H. Director of Finance, Rampart Hydro Services

Dave Moore is an all American hero and a true friend to the oil and gas industry. His personal experience drives home the need to continue fostering domestic energy independence. His stories about courageous survival were told with humor and humility! And he had the entire audience engaged and laughing as the Association of Energy Service Companies annual summer meeting keynote speaker!!!

Joyce R.Corporate HSEQ & Auditor, Superior Energy Services

Working with Dave was very pleasurable, from the one on one interview I did with Dave, to experiencing his stories of life that taught everyone in the room so much.  The main take away from Dave’s speech, his experiences were authentic and everyone in the audience could relate to the experience. Since HR is managing and interacting with different individuals on a daily basis,  Dave’s experiences provided the frame work of how to interact with different individuals and speak to their needs.

Mike C.Social Media Chair, PHRA