Meet Dave Moore

Leader-Developer. Team-Builder. Story-Teller. Dual Plane-Crash Survivor.

 Dave Moore is a former Coast Guard Search & Rescue Pilot and Air Force combat pilot.  

As a teenager, all Dave wanted to do was become a professional pilot.  He drove hard for his passion and engulfed his life in everything aviation.  After experiencing his first plane crash that nearly took his life at 23, he became incredibly afraid to fly an aircraft or even board a commercial airliner without becoming intoxicated.  Stifled by fear, Dave decided his aviation career was over…

Years after Dave took a job and successfully accomplished his first Outside Sales position and again revisited his passion for aviation.  He knew it was time to face his fear and began to develop a system that allowed him to overcome this obstacle.

Had he not overcome the challenges he faced and allowed fear to dictate his life, Dave would not have achieved the following:

  • Navy & Air Force Wings
  • Military Officer – Coast Guard and Air Force
  • Graduated highest Navy Standard Score (NSS) of all Navy Squadrons
  • Held high-level leadership positions – Managing large teams and large budgets
  • Chief Pilot on the HU-25 Falcon Jet – Search & Rescue Missions
  • Flew 39 Combat Missions in the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Numerous Corporate Pilot Positions

His story is empowering, inspiring and energizing, as he shares effective takeaways that leave your audience challenged to discover growth as a team and drive success as a company.