Moore Motivated



Join host Tom Riddell as he welcomes author Dave Moore to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as Dave discusses what it’s like to be a writer and he will also talk to us about her book: Wake Up And Win.

Since his childhood Dave Moore wanted to fly. Nothing else mattered much to him and during his early twenties, his dream came true. He soon became a flight instructor for Ohio University while he was still a student. But unlike some, who breeze along to the zenith of their dreams, fate would send Dave on a turbulent ride through life and it all started when a deer ran into his plane during take off at an Ohio airport. After he and his student pilot crashed into a wooded area, Dave pulled himself and his unconscious partner out of the woods, crawling for over two hours before he reached help. With his face literally torn off and other injuries sustained in the crash, he spent weeks in recovery. But, as a tribute to his determination and his lifelong dreams, he was back in the air forty five days later.

This book isn’t all about the horrific airplane accident; it’s about surviving and thriving even when something like a deer collides into you or another obstacle stands in your way and causes your life to seemingly crash into oblivion.

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