Dave Moore Outlines Become a Leader Worth Following Key Qualities

Moore recently outlined some of the qualities a leader needs in order to leave a meaningful legacy with their company or organization:

#BecomeaLeaderWorthFollowing is all about becoming a leader that leaves a legacy of integrity, grit, sincerity and determination. What do your employees need from you as a person? #determination #leader #lead #success #grit#inspiration #ownyourteam

dave moore

Lines Along the Wall

I asked a longtime friend, a former aviation student of mine who now flies for Southwest Airlines, to review the book I wrote knowing he would tell it to me straight. After telling me what he thought—he was very positive—I put him on the spot pressing him to hurt my feelings and asked, “What did you take away from ‘Lines Along the Wall’?” He immediately replied, “Never give up.” I knew it was time for my wife Kendal and I, to move forward with our passion, Moore Motivated. Read more