Dave Moore Outlines Become a Leader Worth Following Key Qualities

Moore recently outlined some of the qualities a leader needs in order to leave a meaningful legacy with their company or organization:

#BecomeaLeaderWorthFollowing is all about becoming a leader that leaves a legacy of integrity, grit, sincerity and determination. What do your employees need from you as a person? #determination #leader #lead #success #grit#inspiration #ownyourteam

Vegas Baby

I do work hard, but I also like to play hard… good balance, right?  I was visiting Vegas over the winter months (currently live in the NE USA) and along with a much-needed reprieve from the frigid temperatures, I attended some pretty cool conferences and learned from a great deal of speakers.  Took some time afterwards to play one of my favorite games, Texas Hold ‘Em.

What are your favorite past times outside of work?

Never Give Up… This is Just the Beginning

No matter the situation life throws you. You may go through disappointments or set-backs. Keep your heart set towards a goal and you will reach it. Work through the good to receive the great. Life is all about new beginnings.

Dave spoke in Denver recently and delivered an energizing message on driving professional growth, personal accountability for success and why creating a healthy work environment is important.

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What a PROGRESSIVE year 2017 was!

What a great 2017 we had a Moore Motivated… New business look, new presentation material and new business relationships.  Now we are looking forward to a great, successful and prosperous 2018! Read more

@PHRA 2017

Pittsburgh Human Resources Conference Keynote Highlight

Dave sat down prior to closing out the 2017 Pittsburgh Human Resources Conference with Mike Chiappetta, PHRA’s Social Media Chair, for a brief Q&A on ‘Become Somebody Worth Following… People, Purpose and Passion’ keynote. Read more

Dave speaking at the National Barn and Storage Rental Association's annual conference in early September 2017

NBSRA Led Us to Louisville

The beginning of September was a busy month for us at Moore Motivated.  Dave was asked to present at the National Barn and Storage Rental Association (NBSRA)’s Annual Convention in Louisville, Kentucky on ‘Become Somebody Worth Following.’  Dave’s message of People, Purpose and Passion made a lasting impression on this crowd, as we received a lot of thank you’s via email. Read more

Association for Healthcare Resource Materials Management Event

Dave and I always have so much fun traveling to different event, meeting new people and seeing the impact that Dave’s presentation has on everyone.  As his wife and partner in business, it’s always a joy for me to see him shine. Read more


Everything is bigger in Texas… including Dave’s larger-than-life personality and keynote @AESC Event

Dave was invited to speak at the Association of Energy Service Companies Summer Conference in Dallas Texas this past July 2017.  They requested leadership and that’s exactly what Dave delivered during his Motivational Leadership keynote, ‘Become Somebody Worth Following,’ Read more

Dave Addresses Senior Leadership during Progressive Event

Dave’s most requested keynote, Becoming Somebody Worth Following, a Motivational Leadership presentation, hit home for Progressive senior leadership early Tuesday morning. Moore spoke on communication, the environment you create, why having a positive attitude makes a difference and team work.

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South Florida Business Aviation Association

Thank you for having us, SFBAA and allowing Dave to speak for your first membership meeting of 2017! A lot of laughs and one inspirational story from a great speaker really make for an incredible event. Read more